Cora Tang / Senior Account Mgr

Melody consistently delivered great results when hosting any event. She was able to manage a diverse group of audience facing even the most difficult event, and anyone who ever attended her events have the best to say about her. I strongly recommend Melody for anyone looking for a master of ceremony.

Kenneth Chau / Columnist丨Lecturer丨Entrepreneur丨Corporate Trainer 丨EMBA丨SVP at uCloudlink

If you would like to find someone who can delight your event or make something extraordinary, there is no doubt for you to invite Melody to host and/or manage the event you would like it to be successful. On the audience side. I must say what she does is always memorable and sometimes the mission-impossibles she can pull off are just amazing.

Paul Moore’s / Film & Creative Director

When people say it’s hard finding an athletic nerd (due to the antagonistic qualities), it’s just hard to find a host who can host, moderate, translate, train speakers, have thorough technical knowledge, direct technical teams, plan dialogues, organize online & offline events, and even reverse direct the event. With the online events, Melody has shown me how to excel and plow through difficult times during the COVID19 by showing me the world of online events. I give my fullest recommendation to Melody for anyone looking for someone to treat your projects as if it was her own, and also to deliver consistent quality work that meets even the highest of expectations.

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