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I’ve Worked with These International Clients


I’ve Worked with These International Clients


Hi I’m MC Melody Kwan

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing so much uncertainty in our world. As a result, major events have been canceled across the globe. It is time to consider a different strategy!

The number one question I've been asked over the last ew months is If I can host an online event... Followed by rather or now I can help them organize their event, as well as training their speakers to engage with a virtual audience.

Many businesses and organizers don’t realize is that virtual events are more than having a person talking into a camera with a laptop! These events require a different set of expertise in order to prepare and be ready for the uncertainties that may arise and can be easily overlooked by first-time virtual organizers.

This is What Clients Say About Melody


How Melody Helps Her Clients

Melody is known by the industry as a highly successful virtual event host, with proven track records by clients such as Alibaba Entrepreneur’s Fund and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park as part of her recent virtual events.

The impact from these events is still resonating, discussed and shared by the virtual attendees to this day!


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What You Should Look For In a Virtual MC


The Right Virtual MC

Not any anchor or regular MC can do this job. You will need someone who is more than an MC, anchor, and presenter combined. It is not like hosting a physical event, this person needs to be excellent with off-the-script dialogue, and needs to buffer for speakers with “virtual stage fright”.

Event & Technical Director

Takes part in organizing, strategy planning, developing plans to react to any technical issue, speaker or public related contingencies with minimal delays, while communicating and directing the appropriate parties as they carry out crisis protocols. More involved than a traditional MC, but absolutely necessary when being the "MC" of a quality online event.

"Invisible Moderator"

They must be able to monitor and guide the event even when they are not seen by the audience. They must crystal clear of all parties’ content and goal and ready to bridge the gaps, while making it look like it was part of the entire act.

Melody's Signature Events

Alibaba Jumpstarter Finale 2020

The world’s largest online pitch contest

HKSTP Virtual Career Expo 2020

The Largest Innovation and Technology VIRTUAL Career Expo

HBO Asia Press Conference

Live Broadcast and Interview with celebrities: 徐若瑄、溫昇豪 、王耀慶


Why I Should Host Your Next Virtual Event


Queen of Improv

“There is a good reason why Melody is called the QUEEN OF IMPROV, a true Chameleon. Not only does she master fluent language abilities and professional horse racing knowledge—she is always ready to react to any ad hoc events that happens unexpectedly during the event, and handles it with such grace and elegance in a seamless manner. Her ability to delight and charm our audience is truly and bedazzling. Aside from on stage work, she acts as stage choreography consultant to ensure the team is just as prepared to coordinate and communicate in organizing the event Melody is a breeze to work with, her professional work is a textbook example of the type of reliable and consistent work many clients can only wish for. If you want someone to treat your event as if it was her own, Melody is definitely the person to go to no questions asked.”

Gilbert Cheng

Hong Kong Jockey Club


“Melody is the first emcee that I’ve worked with for 4 years in a row. I’ve known Melody since 2017, a first-year we appointed her as the emcee at JUMPSTARTER (, Hong Kong’s premier startup event. Since then, she has always been our top choice of emcee. It’s been our pleasure to have the collaboration again this year. Last week, we hosted JUMPSTARTER Global Pitch Competition (Final Pitch) – the World’s Largest Online Pitch Contest. We moved everything from offline to online within 10 days due to the novel coronavirus. We were so grateful and thankful to have her as our emcee especially for our first online pitch event on Livestream. Melody is incredible, articulate, agile and professional not only on stage but also on a live webcast. And thanks to our “over-the-years” collaboration - we’ve built our trust, chemistry and cohesion together. Her understanding and experience in the startup event have made her different from other emcees. Her emcee performance at our unprecedented online pitch event is solid proof. She reacted so well to the unexpected while keeping the flow of our pitch competition under control. She quickly digested what we need and took the gig seriously. I was so impressed by how effortlessly she handled the unexpected situation and how capable she is to move awayfrom using a formal, word-for-word script and toward a more informal (still professional) and spontaneous speaking style that really fitted in our LIVE situation. Most importantly, she stayed most relaxed, centred and connected to our audience through the camera. The Final Pitch was indeed intense so it’s so great that Melody kept positive and energetic vibes throughout the event. All in all, I have the pleasure of working with Melody and will give her my full recommendation.”

Grace Wong

Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund at Alibaba Group

Highly Efficient

“It’s always enjoyable working with Melody. From HK Science Park’s annual signature global tech investment pitching event EPIC to the city’s largest ever tech talent quest Virtual Career Expo 2020 happening now, of which 250,000 page views, 30,000 unique visitors from 86 cities and 15,000 CV submissions are recorded as of today, Melody has played an essential role serving as our online and offline event curator and contributing to these heartwarming results. Her knowledge about innovation and technology, capabilities in brisk and crisp communications, and passion in perfecting her works are simply exceptional..

Jojo Cheung

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

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